Welcome, I’m Alyssa!

welcome, I'm alyssa

Hello, great to meet you! I'm just a regular person from a small town who decided she wanted more for her life, so she's spent the past 12+ years intentionally creating the life she dreamed of as a kid.

Growing up in upstate New York, I used to spend winters staring out my window at the gray skies, snow, and barren trees, and dreamed of a life where I could see palm trees everyday. I dreamed of growing up to be a dolphin trainer. Nowadays, I live with my husband and dogs in San Diego, where I'm so grateful to say that I get to see palm trees daily and dolphins on the regular!

But getting here wasn't easy. I worked for every bit of it - not just with effort, but with mindset. A lotttt of mindset. A lot of working with the best of the best coaches to help navigate any obstacles in the way of my dream life.

And when I fell in love with coaching 5 years ago. I was already the person everyone came to as a sounding board, so one day, after multiple clear signs from my spirit guides, I said why not make it the official way I serve the world?

Below you'll see just a fraction of the training I've done with some of the top coaches in the industry. But the real reason most people hire me is because I've got a huge heart and I go after my big dreams unapologetically. I'm lucky to get to help people do the same.

What makes me, me?

what makes me, me?

Ok so here's the big five things about me:

1) I'm obsessed with dogs. Like in a borderline-unhealthy way. Have been my whole life. I bring dogs into my healing work whenever possible, and just think they're God's gift to Earth. We've fostered 34 puppies over the past 17 years, and I rehabilitate & train rescue dogs on the side for fun. You can usually find an extra small puppy trailing behind me.

2) I'm also obsessed with my husband, Andrew. He's a healer too, a Doctor of Physical Therapy to be exact. We first met as kids and reconnected in our early 20's, and now we've been together 12 years, married almost 7, and more in love than ever. He's definitely my soul mate.

3) It's been our dream to live in Southern California for years, and 3 years ago, we finally saved up enough to make that dream come true.

4) Helping people is my life. Even on the days where I'm not working, I end up helping because I honestly don't know how to turn it off, haha. Guess I've found my dream job because it never feels like work!

5) I know it sounds crazy, but I let my spiritual coaching clients pick their pricing, that way they have the right amount of skin in the game. If you feel inclined we can have a call to discuss what might be the right kind of support for you.

There's links below to my socials if you'd like to see a bit more of who I am and what I like to do.


I'm a spiritual Corporate & Executive Life coach

I help Earth Angels like you achieve their own version of FREEDOM

by collaborating with your spirit guides to work through every challenge on the way to your goals,

so you can escape the same cycles that keep you playing small.

Earth Angel Check In! Are we a good match?

1. You consider yourself a good human.

You loveee to hep others. It gives you energy and its core to who you are. You also want to leave the world better than you found it.

2. You are open-minded to spirituality

You desire to grow an even stronger connection with your spirit guides and your higher self. You are open-minded to new concepts on your way of living and being, knowing that no one has the right answers for you except you.

3. You're here to serve your community with your unique gifts.

You have big dreams because you know you are here to positively impact the world through your purpose, passion, and spiritual growth.

If this sounds like you,

i'd love to help you overcome your energy blocks

so you can live a highly abundant and spiritual life!

a no-pressure call to see how I can help you.



· 8 month Life Coach training program at the Martha Beck Institute (The OG life coach, in Oprah's O magazine)

· 6 months of Breathwork Training

· Bachelors degree in mass communications with a focus on Advertising & Public Relations from Towson University

· Dave Ramsey Money Program

· 5 years in advertising sales & building revenue for Nonprofits & Associations

· Speaker at Kentucky Women's Entrepreneur Event - Creating a Sustainable Business

· Attended Orlando Women's Entrepreneur Event - Monetizing Your Business

· Interviewed as guest expert for Docuseries "The Millionaire Within Her" in the area of: spiritual wealth & abundance alignment

· Completed 6 Month Women's Mastermind - Focused on scaling to Six Figures Through Coaching

· Completed 12 Month Women's Mastermind - Focused on scaling Businesses to $1 million/year online

· Completed 6 Month Women's Mastermind - Focused on Creating your Unique Offer & Selling

· Completed 4 month women's program - Creating offers & selling through instagram

· Completed 3 month intensive program for spiritual entrepreneurs to 10x their income

· Lead 7+ all-women retreats aimed at helping healers/entrepreneurs reset and heal

· Lead 5 masterminds for entrepreneurial women focused in support, connection & collaboration

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Let's Zoom and talk about your dreams & obstacles

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I'd love to help your team to experience and increase in the passion for their work, ease in their day, and strength in their team work flow!

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