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"I’m so glad we decided to work together, I wouldn’t have been able to get through all these life and business changes without this support. We worked on boundaries, procrastination, finding a schedule that works for me, and growing my business in a way that supports the lifestyle I want. And now I feel way more able to balance the things on my plate with much less stress. This has been great!"

Yesenya, Photographer

3-Month One-on-one Coaching Program

Ongoing Support for the Spiritually Open-Minded Entrepreneur who desires to create work-life balance through my proven strategy!

How my technique works:

  • Learn my proven technique to consciously move through any life or business challenges while maintaining energetic balance, confidence, and a sense of groundedness.

  • I will help you work through my Four Main Pillars that lead to a balanced Spiritual Life & Business:

1. OBSTACLES: Identify the biggest obstacles on your way to living your happiest FUCK YES life.

2) CLEANSE: Together we will reprogram beliefs that no longer serve you, and work to shift shame, negative self-talk, and negative emotions.

3) ALIGN: Get clearer than ever before on what your highest-self feels like, looks like, and learn to embody her in the present.

4) EQUIP: I will equip each client with the spiritual tools that align best with your needs. These spiritual tools will help you to connect with your Spirit Guides, follow your North Star, and go after your dreams unapologetically!

You Will Receive:

  • 3 Months of Ongoing Support

  • 3 hour VIP day with Alyssa either online OR in person. Together you will create a clear outline of your vision, goals, and biggest challenges. (We recommended to do this call at the beginning of your coaching, but it's up to you!)

  • Three, one-hour long sessions each month to make nine sessions total (The fourth week of the month is your integration week)

  • Support Monday-Thursday on Voxer, a mobile text and voice messaging app

  • A Completed 'Wheel Of Life' Assessment. Inside this assessment, we will look at every major area of your life, and create a gameplay to make sure every area if fulfilled. This is where Alyssa will help you identify: What’s working on the road to achieving my goals? What's not working?

    Investment Breakdown:

  • 8k Pay In Full OR 3 Monthly Payments of $3,333

    • Billed through Stripe (Email us for our PayPal options

"I loved my time with Alyssa! I came away from our session with the insight I was looking for to help me align my pricing and business boundaries in a way that I wasn't confident doing on my own. Having her eyes on my business was hugely helpful. Thank you, Alyssa!"

Heidi Hazen


This is an incredible testimonial that specifically overcomes a common objection, and this is the main point of the testimonial.

This is an incredible testimonial that specifically overcomes a common objection, and this is the main point of the testimonial.

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